Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feb 4th, 2012 or 2 Whole Years Since I Abandoned This Blog

Well, I finally feel like blogging again! It's only been 2 years. What can I say, I was in a kind of writing slump! And so, I have started again, slowly, to write at my other blog (which, without showing any favouritism, I also abandoned two years ago!).

The way I see it now, I was really trying to accomplish too much in attempting to manage two separate blogs. See, this blog was to be my mommy, family, cooking, recipe, book sharing type blog and the other one was more my own personal, seeking, chasing and manifesting my dreams type blog. Well, I now see no reason why the two cannot peacfully co-exist in one shared space. In fact I may actually end up posting more frequently!

It was hard to decide which one to officially terminate. However, my "And a Bowl of Oranges Too" blog was my first and I have a bit more of "me" invested in it. So, this blog will officially cease to be and all future posts for the former "Om~Mama~Shanti" can now be found over at And a Bowl of Oranges Too.

So, If you happen to find yourself here, by all means, please feel free to head on over there!