Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Advent Calendar Day 9…. Snow Day!!!

You just had to know it was coming! I think we had already had about 5 or 6 snow days by this time last year, so I’m not complaining. I’m just glad that it happened on a day when I was not scheduled to work so that I am able to stay home with my little Elf and enjoy the snow day too. This day of tri-county bus cancellations gives us a great opportunity to pull out all the Christmas decorations and start decorating our home for the holidays! (We are NOT pull the decorations out the day after Halloween people)

We are playfully making our way through the advent calendar which we started a bit late after I found the idea for the 25 days of Christmas challenge over at a peek inside the fishbowl. We have made some small cards using old holiday cards, added numbers 1-25 and I added the strips of paper with the activity for that day inside (along with an individually wrapped Riesen candy!).

Here are some of the activities we have enjoyed thus far (I just haven't got around to blogging about them yet):

  • Looking at and reading last year’s Christmas Cards
  • Santa Claus Parade
  • Writing Our Christmas Cards
  • Drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • Listening to Christmas music

Stay tuned for 16 more days of twinkling-crinkling-glittery-sugar-plums-dancing-round-our-heads, holiday fun!!

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