Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Book Give Away!!

I love books and reading. I especially love children's books.
Sharing books with children just may be the one thing I enjoy most about my job as an Early Childhood Educator. In fact, one of the intended purposes of my lil' blog here is to write about some of my favourite children's authors and books. (Watch for that, I WILL be doing it SOON!)

One thing that is almost as much fun as reading books is getting new books. And the one thing that is even better than getting new books is getting FREE new books.

That's why I am entering this contest offered by Jill over at The Well-Read Child and suggesting that anyone else who also likes FREE children's books should consider entering as well. It's easy. Even though... I'm going to win, I'm just saying... anyone else is also free to enter!!

The book Jill is offering is called Winter's Tail : How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again. It looks so adorable.

Oh, by the way Jill hosts a weekly event on Thursdays called What My Children Are Reading
and on Thursday December 17, I will be guest hosting!! So excited!! Should be fun!!

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