Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Kite is Back in the Sky!

Can you hear that?

Ahh, there it is. The sound of peace and quiet and calm that is now settling in and wrapping me up like a nice warm blanket. September is essentially over and the routines are back in place. And this morning I am feeling very calm.

Clearly, the beginning of summer holidays was not a great time for me to begin this blog.

I started out with the finest ambition and then the crazy, lazy days of summer came along and yanked that ambition right out of my grasp! It then became entangled in a tree, much like Charlie Brown’s kite!

Then, September arrived and I thought, okay, now I can get back to that blog.

I forgot, of course, what a chaotic month September can be whilst attempting to squeeze back into those early mornings and making lunches and working out meal times around the Brownie meetings, skating lessons, yoga classes and Board meetings!

But now?

Well now one load of laundry is hanging out on the line, another is in the machine, muffins are in the oven, floors are swept and breakfast dishes done, my little elf has just caught the bus (didn’t even have to rush for it THIS morning), I KNOW what’s for dinner tonight AND it’s only 9 a.m!!!

This feels good.

Think I’ll get my second cup of tea and pour over my songs to study for choir practice next week, do a little singing and maybe even practice some guitar before looking at the rest of my To Do list for the day!

That list includes yoga class plans, bill paying, receipt organizing, dinner prepping, hanging more laundry, menu planning, Brownie uniform ordering, some e-mails and phone calls.....but for now, tea and put my feet up for a bit!! And enjoy the peace and quiet and calm.


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